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There are many different factors which can contribute to ensuring student accommodation buildings are appropriately secured. Recognising this, we at Premier Security Services make your property security our top priority. To achieve this objective, we engage in continuous collaboration with you until we devise a customised security solution which meets the unique requirements of your student housing. We are aware of the challenges that are associated with student accommodation security, and that’s why our team of security experts will accompany you throughout the process. This helps to maintain a secure environment which enhances productivity and provides your students with stress-free minds.

Recognising the unique needs of our clients, we provide a variety of personalised service packages that are cost-effective. Whether you need security guards for student residences, reception security, door supervision, or CCTV surveillance, be confident that Premier Security Services is committed to addressing the specific demands of your student accommodation. Rely on us for all your requirements.

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Student Accommodation Security Guards

Regrettably, not even student accommodations are immune to external security threats. The location of your student housing facility does not often mitigate all security risks. At some point, your accommodation facilities will become vulnerable to a security risk. This is why we emphasise the importance of keeping your student accommodation buildings appropriately safeguarded. So much as establishing a well-protected building reception can significantly decrease the chances of your building becoming a prime target for criminal activity.

Opting for student accommodation security guards can reveal various facility benefits, contributing to its overall well-being and safety. Listed, are some of the key benefits that security guards can provide:

  • Assisting reception staff by guiding visitors as needed.
  • Serving as a visual deterrent in the event a criminal potentially sets sights on the building.
  • Maintaining vigilance to minimise break-in risks and trespassing.
  • Conducting regular patrols to check there are no security breaches.
  • Utilising CCTV systems to bolster the overall security of your property.

Having undergone extensive training, our SIA-Licenced security guards are guaranteed to uphold the reputation and security of your student housing. Our student accommodation security guards are unwaveringly committed to safeguarding and enhancing the overall image of your student housing facility at all times.

WHy go with Premier Security Services?

Premier Security Services acknowledges the distinct security requirements of each student accommodation facility. We actively engage with you, utilising your feedback to craft optimal security solutions that enhance strengths and address vulnerabilities.

Moreover, our student accommodation security guards undergo comprehensive training to effectively manage the various challenges inherent in securing student living spaces. Our tailored services are adaptable to the specific vulnerabilities of your facility. That’s why we offer more than just security guards for safeguarding your premises; our services also encompass CCTV, keyholding, and door supervision to ensure comprehensive security.

Opting for Premier Security Services to address your student accommodation security needs entails collaborating with professionals who grasp the unique demands of housing environments for students. Our security solutions team is committed to generating strategies to enhance the safety of your residents, protect valuable assets, and ensure the overall security of the premises. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation, where we can initiate discussions on security solutions geared toward fortifying the security of your student accommodation facility.

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Adaptable and Continous Improvement 

Enhanced Customer Service and Communication

Continuous Training and Development

How effective are student accommodation security services?

Student accommodation security services aid significantly aid the safety and security of your student housing facilities. Additionally, it can be personalised in numerous ways to better meet the distinctive needs of each accommodation building – including the following examples:

Access Control and Residence Security:

Managing access in and out of student accommodation is crucial for the safety and well-being of residents. Our student accommodation security guards are trained to implement comprehensive access control measures, verifying individuals’ identities that enter the premises and supervising entryways. This helps to guarantee that only authorised residents or guests are entering the building, fostering a secure living environment. Our keyholding services can also decrease the likelihood of excessive damages by being the first to respond to alarm systems when they go off.

Student Safety and Well-being:

Our most paramount concerns are regarding the safety and well-being of students. Our security guards are not only trained in various security protocols but also in effectively supporting and reassuring residents with their presence. They hold a key role in emergency responses, overseeing evacuations and coordinating with authorities to ensure that the safety of student accommodation residents is satisfactory in a variety of situations.

Theft Prevention and Asset Protection:

Student accommodations will often house valuables and personal belongings. Our student accommodation security guards work hard to conduct frequent patrols which focus on commonly accessible areas and vulnerable points, in the hopes of deterring theft and ensuring the protection of residents’ assets. With the additional help of CCTV monitoring as well, risks of unlawful entry, vandalism and property theft are minimised.

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Community Engagement and Conflict Resolution:

Close-quarter living can occasionally lead to residential conflicts. Our security guards are comprehensively trained to effectively de-escalate heated situations, with expertise in community engagement. This helps to promote better living environments, which host positivity. By approaching the situation this way, a sense of community can be created, contributing to the well-being of residents.

Surveillance and Technology Integration:

When it comes to enhancing security measures, our student accommodation security guards can integrate with CCTV surveillance systems and other technologies. This unlocks opportunities, such as the monitoring of common access points, entryways and property perimeters in real time. Using technology alongside our security guards helps to add a preventive layer of security. Comprehensive reports can then be curated on the overview of a residence’s security health, as well as aiding with additional information for investigations.

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Emergency Response and Evacuation Protocols:

Student housing facilities must be ready for various emergencies. Fortunately, our security guards undergo thorough training to promptly handle emergencies such as fire drills, natural disasters, or other safety incidents. They play a crucial role in ensuring the accurate implementation of evacuation protocols, assisting residents in reaching safety, and collaborating with the necessary emergency services to guarantee a swift and effective response.

What Do Student Accommodation Security Guards Do?

Student accommodation security personnel aim to safeguard residential premises by monitoring CCTV security systems, conducting regular patrols of the site, de-escalating conflicts, and responding promptly to alarms. All of these elements collectively contribute to the establishment of a secure and well-protected environment for student housing.

What Are The Benefits Of Security Guards

Student accommodation security guards will not only mitigate incidents from happening on your residential premises but will also help to proactively reduce the risk of their occurrence by acting as a visual repellent to potential criminals. Additionally, they play a vital role in creating secure atmospheres for residents, ensuring that intruders don’t gain access to the student facilities, and safeguarding the well-being of those on-site.

How Much Do Security Guards Cost?

We provide a competitive price match, assuring a price guarantee by pledging to match or surpass a competitor’s rates. However, the pricing may fluctuate based on factors such as the number of hours, locations, or specific roles assigned to your security guards, among other considerations. If you seek further information, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us!

How Many Hours Can A Security Guard Work In A Day?

Security guards will typically work no more than 8 hours a day, though it is possible to work more or less depending on the needs of the client. However, the shifts cannot exceed more than 40 hours, total, during the work week.